Kick Back! How To Recover From Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is one of the dental industry’s greatest advancements. It has created a new era of patient confidence, allowing the most fearful of individuals to visit their clinic with calm and ease. It involves the administration of sedatives to place the patient in the deepest form of conscious sedation possible This, consequently, allows them to receive pain and stress-free treatment.

However, many people suffering dentophobia still don’t know about this important treatment option, and why? Because they have cast dental treatment into the far recesses of their minds for years. They may have had a bad experience as a child or teenager and have completely dismissed the idea of ever going back to see their expert.

But it’s important to know that there have been great advancements in recent years, including this most imperative one from the best IV sedation dentist Melbourne has. So, if you’ve suffered from long term dentophobia, we highly recommend trying this most calming and peaceful of treatments.

But, like any other medical treatment, it’s important that you follow certain tips to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Be sure to do the following post-treatment:

Have someone their to help

You’ll have received a sedative, and so you will likely be pretty groggy after your treatment. Therefore, we never recommend that you attempt to make your way home solo. It’s important that you have a friend or loved one there to take you home after your treatment.

What’s more, we recommend that they stick around your place for a while to provide you with a little assistance around the home. It doesn’t have to be all day – just about three hours should be enough for you to start feeling yourself again and handle your own tasks.

Rest up

If you have dentophobia then it’s likely been years since you visited a clinic. If so, take this time for yourself! Because it’s not every year you find yourself receiving dental treatment, and you should allow this time to rest and recover from your treatment. We don’t advise that you don’t go out clubbing on the first night after your treatment even if it is your best friend’s birthday – things could get a little silly!

Instead, it’s the standard deal: prop yourself up on the couch with your favourite series or films. Depending on the nature of your treatment you might be able to have some of your favourite foods or you might have to stick to yummy smoothies for a little while. Your dentist will talk you through what you can and can’t have after the treatment – the most important thing is that you kick back and get the rest you need to recover quickly.

Avoid dangerous or heavy equipment

Don’t you go driving that car if you still feel groggy – don’t do it! And, please don’t don’t go mowing the lawn just because you think you noticed a rough patch coming in from the car – just leave it until a little while later. Operating heavy machinery is a huge no-no after a procedure like this. It can’t wait – believe us.

We hope this piece has helped shed some light on just how wonderful this treatment is for people with dentophobia. Just be sure to follow the above tips for ensuring you get the very best out of your dental treatment, as you don’t want to overdo it and prolong the recovery period.