Proper Caring For A 3 Month Teething Baby

Proper Caring For A 3 Month Teething Baby

Most children begin the teething phase at an average timeline of around 6 to 8 months. Teething early is not a big concern but what majorly matters is how the tender and sore gums of a 3-month teething baby would be taken care of as it is not an easy phase for them. It demands so much attention and love from the baby’s guardian part.

Cleaning of teeth

Taking care of the 3-month teething baby would involve cleaning the child’s mouth often. It is characterized with sensitive, tender gums using a damp piece of cloth massaged over their red and sore gums to lessen the pain and irritability the child faces which gives them trouble when sleeping. Using a clean finger or fitting soft rubbery items over your index finger would also do to rub off excess food hence clean their often-swollen gums.

Babies gnawing behavior

Also, the fledgling teething baby often exhibits the need to gnaw on objects they commonly find available and for long periods like bottles of milk. Paediatricians do not recommend this as it would encourage the onset of cavities to the three-month teething baby. Some parents would opt to give their teething children items to bite like fruits, but this would only increase the teething pain and worsen their already critical condition. It would also cause a headache for the parents whose cries from their babies seem unbearable.

Excessive drooling and brushing of teeth

Since the child’s first tooth is an incisor on the lower jaw, the baby exhibits excessive salivation and brings trouble when sleeping. Many parents would opt to brush their teething children once the first teeth start appearing. For this, it is better recommended to use a fluoride-free toothpaste and rub it on your child’s ripening gums using a very soft brush. Such children would often swallow the toothpaste hence more emphasis put on fluoride-free toothpaste till the child is a little older. This changes nothing much apart from rationalizing the amount of fluoride intake.

Regular dental check-up

Young teething babies also exhibit rashes on their chins, necks and mouths thou not commonly. This raises an issue of concern of maintaining a monthly dental check-up calendar by a Pediatrician for the teething babies since the onset of the first tooth. This aims at taking good care of the first set of pearl teeth in babies and gives them a better smile and a comfortable lifestyle then and even much later. A fathomable dental schedule helps keep track of the baby’s teething phase establishing excellent dental practices for years to come.

Practicing healthy teeth habits for such children ensures the comfort they need and the brighter smile to rejuvenate with on an equally sunny day. Drug-free treatments are highly recommended to keep the baby safe by cutting off pain and offering comfort to the often-irritable babies during their teething phase. Remember the first teeth enable the child to chew, talk and preserve spacing for the permanent gull teeth; hence are very important in a child’s life and demand a high level of love and care.