Stairlift Safety: How Safe are Stairlifts?


As we go through life, our bodies change, and sometimes, those changes affect how we move around. It can get tough when simple things like stairs become a big challenge. Making your home safer and more accessible as you get older is important. Small changes can make a big difference, but when stairs start causing issues, finding a safe way to move becomes really important.

Deciding on the right way to get around

When picking a way to move around, there’s a lot to think about. Your mobility limits, your home layout, and how much you plan to stay there all matter. Plus, there’s the cost to consider. It’s different for everyone, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The stairlifts come with safety features that make aging in place much safer. Let’s check out some of these key safety perks.

Stairlifts connect to your stairs, not the wall

No matter which stairlift you go for, their rail legs secure onto the steps themselves, not the wall. Some folks mistakenly think that the rails hook onto the wall and might cause issues if they’re not sturdy. That’s just not true. Stairlift rails get bolted directly to the steps, making the whole setup steady and safe. These systems are built tough and have been tested thoroughly, so you can trust they won’t budge once installed. Your stairlift will stay put on your stairs no matter how long you’ve had it.

Stairlifts can include seatbelt choices

As you go up the stairs, safety and comfort matter a lot. That’s why some stairlifts offer four types of seatbelts you can pick from. For straight or curved stairs, you’ve got choices: a retractable seatbelt, a horizontal lap belt, a diagonal lap belt (like those in cars), or a five-point harness securing shoulders and waist. Each belt has its benefits. An expert can guide you to the one that fits your needs best.

Safety Feature of the Stairlift

At the top, the chair swivels to face the landing, making it easier to get off. Most stairlifts Philadelphia offer a powered swivel feature that turns the chair with a button, perfect if you have limited mobility on one side or dexterity challenges.

When you arrive at the landing, you unbuckle the seatbelt and use the chair arms to stand up. Plus, the swiveled chair acts as a safety barrier, ensuring you can safely get on and off the chair without any worry.

Professional support

Buying a stairlift online and trying to install it yourself might seem like a money-saver, but it’s a complex task. Mistakes during installation could be risky. That’s why we highly recommend professional installation through trusted dealers. This guarantees your stairlift meets all safety standards and operates perfectly.

We stand behind our products with a great warranty that covers maintenance and repairs during the warranty period. Regular servicing keeps your stairlift in top shape, ensuring it works smoothly and safely over time.

How to keep stairs safe

As you’ve seen, there are lots of ways to make your stairs safer. Finding the right solution is a process that involves weighing different factors. Have a chat with your family, explore your options, and see what suits your needs best. If you want to know more about stairlifts, their safety features, and how they can be installed, reach out to us today. Soon enough, you’ll be going up the stairs smoothly and safely!